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'Take five' for cyber security

  • A firewall is essential for preventing outsiders hacking into your computer
  • Broadband modem/routers (from all suppliers) have a firewall built in and on by default
  • Do not be tempted to disable the built in firewall!
  • It is essential to protect yourself against attacks from viruses, trojans, malware and adware
  • Anti virus software is available from a number of suppliers and online reviews can help you choose
  • Some of the suppliers of AV to corporations allow individuals to use their product without charge (only for personal use)
  • Search for 'free anti virus'
  • An ideal backup regime will be automatic, incremental and include an off-site copy
  • A single copy of your data is no protection agains 'ransomware' (which encrypts your data and requests money for a decryption key)
  • Backup software and/or service is available from a number of suppliers and online reviews can help you choose
  • A local backup provokes quicker data recovery but may be lost or stolen if you main computer is also lost or stolen
  • Some backup providers allow a modest amount of data to be backed up without charge
  • For maximum protection you should subscribe to an online backup service and online reviews can help you choose
  • ActionFraud (the police centre fighting cyber crime) recommend the following:
  • - create passwords from three random words
  • - use each password only once
  • - do not write down your passwords (including in a password manager)
  • Tap the link below for a system to follow the ActionFraud recommendations but with management
  • Think before you link
  • Phishing (emails that look OK but take you to a false site) is the biggest danger
  • Mouse-over or tap-and-hold to see tiger true destination of a link
  • Do not follow links in text messages
    Bookmark financial sites
  • Create a browser bookmark for every site you use regularly involving money (banks, PayPal eBay etc)
  • bookmarks, once set up, offer a surfeiting route to a particular site
  • On your smartphone or tablet always use an App if available (eg for banking)

  • Always install updates for apps and operating system (macOS, windows, iOS, Android) as soon a s available
  • Updates can provide new features but are mainly used to fix vulnerabilities
    Delete the obvious
  • If it seems to good to be true, it most certainly is
  • Huge discounts often refer to fakes or stolen items
  • Lotteries do not charge an 'admin fee' to deliver your prize
  • Bypassing auction sites removes the protection they offer
  • Don't repay 'balance's overpaid cheque
  • The police and banks will never ask you to transfer money for safety
  • Don't be tempted to be a 'secret shopper' - its a scam!
  • An offer of a large sum of money to help recover missing cash is just a way of harvesting your banking details
    Social media
  • Don't post your address, phone number or other personal information on social media
  • Never say you are about to go on holiday
  • Wait till you return home to post your holiday pictures
  • Photos taken at home can be mined for you location (using the embedded GPS data)