Becoming a Police Volunteer

Joining the Police family

People from all walks of life and of all (adult) ages become volunteers with their local police and offer their time, experience and expertise to assist the constabulary.

Volunteers usually are part of their local police force and do not normally have specific or regular hours of work.

Your first step to becoming a police volunteer will be to go to the web page of your local force and look for 'Vacancies' or search for 'Volunteer'; follow the instructions given if you wish to apply.

Potential volunteers are subject to a comprehensive vetting procedure before acceptance and must adhere to standards of behaviour and process as laid down by the force (and viewable on a force PC once accepted and given a login).

Police volunteers do not receive any pay but may claim expense for travelling when on police business.

Volunteers will be given a shoulder number and a force email address; force email is viewable only on a PC on the force network (you have to go in to a police station to read your email).

For important information on what you can do once appointed as a police volunteer (and, more importantly, what you cannot do) see here

Police Volunteers are also known as 'citizens in policing'.